Self Reflect Image

As educators, it is imperative to self-reflect on a daily basis to assess what learning methodologies we have used, are using, or plan to use to optimize our classrooms.  Please take a moment to answer the following questions.

  1. How do you use Google Documents with your students?  If you do not use Google Documents, what word processor do you have your students use to submit typed work for projects?
  2. Through your experience using Google Drawings, do you feel that this use of technology for projects and assignments is effective to convey an educational message?
  3. Compare features to other word processor programs (i.e. Adobe Writer, Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, etc...) to Google Documents.  For 21st Century learners that are constantly exchanging thoughts and ideas in small group learning centers, what else do you think should be added to the aforementioned word processor programs or even Google Documents to be more quote, "user friendly" for the learner?