The following directions will teach the user how to create a Google Document

1. Click on the following link:

Google Doc Image

2. With your mouse icon, click on the + on the lower right hand portion of the page.  Move your mouse to the top of the page and left click on the text that says Untiitled Document.  Type in a name of your document.  I typed in Google Document Professional Development 2015. 

3. You can also rename your document from the Google Drive screen by right clicking on your document, moving your mouse down to the rename option, and typing in a name to the document.

4. Saving your document-One of the many excellent capabilities that Google Docs possesses is the ability to save automatically when you have finished typing your text.  You will never need to worry about losing your work again when using Google Docs.

5. Watch this video to learn how to create a Google Document:

How to create new documents in Google docs

How to create new documents in Google docs

Refer to Task #1 on the Face-to-Face Session Page to utilize the Google Docs application.